About Us


Our business was established in 1982 on Stafford Street in Winnipeg and recently moved to a new location at 866 Corydon. Owner/operators; Donna Anderson and Philip Marriott are lifelong Winnipeggers with close ties to the aquatic community.

Message from the owner

I am often asked why customers chose my store over a mall store, and I always hear it’s the customer service! When a customer walks into Peepers Swimwear! I welcome them as if they are coming into my home. That is how I want them to feel, but some days I feel like a dentist! No one really wants to try on swimwear but they know they have to.

What I have found is that, is women often are trying on the wrong suit for their body type? We, as women are drawn to what is beautiful! But sometimes that beautiful suit might not be the right one for us.

The first step is to decide if a customer wants a one piece, tankini or bikini. Then I try to get a feel for the colour palette they like and their personality. Do they want sexy and revealing or sporty and functional? I also ask a series of questions about, what they will be doing in the suit. If they are just sitting beside the pool and not chasing toddlers through the waves there are suits that are more appropriate for each. Then we have to determine size. So many women wear swimwear that is too big on them. They then do not get the support they need or get the ill-fated droopy drawers. Having the right size swim suit is just as important as wearing the right bra!! Just to say they don’t like a suit is not enough, they have to tell me why. All suits are not created equal! Each brand provides it’s own unique value or characteristic. The right suit can enhance a bust! Support the girls, minimize them! Reveal them, whatever the customer wants. Then there is the; oh so complicated choice of bottoms! There are hundreds of styles and cuts to choose from. There are 3 basic things to consider when choosing a bottom. Bum coverage, rise, leg cut. There are bottoms with a little tummy control and bottoms with amazing tummy control. Most customers do not even know what a vast array of choices there are. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I am bringing the most appropriate styles to each customer. It is always so nice to see women who have found more than one suit the love and have to choose. I think it is great for a women’s self-esteem to put on the right suit and say “wow” I look great in this one! I also believe I can be very stubborn so I am determined to find the perfect suit for each customer. Women often start to get discouraged quickly if they are not having any success in the change room. Some are hesitant to come out at first especially if they don’t like the suit. But it really helps for me to see where and why it doesn’t fit. Most often it is not a size issue but a cut or style issue.

I come across some common problems so I then go to buying shows to find a vendor that carries that specific product. For example, last spring I had a lot of new moms coming in wanting a one piece to hide the last little bit of baby bulge. As well as to not have toddlers pulling the suit off!! I was on a mission to find a sexy yet comfortable one piece and I found a beautiful line out of Brazil to fill this need!

Really, it is my mission to make each and every Peepers Swimwear customer’s experience just that……an enjoyable and fun experience that ends with success.

Look forward to meeting you
– Donna